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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Market, To Market

The farm market was as wonderful as always this morning; I am never disappointed.

I found some very delicious looking melons and loaded up on salad greens, since salads with lots of great veggies are a staple around my house.

Mmmm...that should be delicious for dinner tonight.
All I need to do is add a couple of my gorgeous Julia Child heirlooms.

The main treat of the outing, however, was to stock up on artichoke hummus, a local product made in Petaluma by The Hummus Guy.

Loaded with chick peas, sesame tahini, artichoke hearts and...oh yes...lots of garlic, it is "to die for", and my fridge is never without it.

Another successful day at the local farm market...


  1. I'll bet that hummus is just delicious! What a great day and I love the photos.

  2. Ooo...that tomato photo is fabulous!!

  3. Just looking at those tomatoes makes my mouth water profusely! Was this at the Vet's building? I have not tried the hummus, but now I will make a point to buys some. Had a great day today!

  4. the vegetables are breath taking!
    love to visit you,
    sorry for being absent for a while!


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