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Friday, April 2, 2010


Talk about boring. Trotting out to my local Home Depot was not my idea of a delicious Friday shopping trip. It's right up there with spending $$$ on a vacuum cleaner or a garbage can. Ho Huge Hum. But this was the order of the day, and I am pleased to say, "Mission accomplished!" Step 1 is behind me: the purchase has been made. Step 2, of course, will be the delivery 5-10 days from now; and the most unpopular part of this whole scenario will be Step 3: taking the damn machine out of the box and doing the actual work. The alternative, of course, is doing nothing and doing a slip-fall on my butt, breaking who knows what. So, here I am...Ms. Clean, deck washer. Yawn.


  1. Oh, that sounds like fun...NOT! Don't work too hard and no slips or falls : )
    Have a very Happy Easter!

  2. Sorry I beg to differ, I love my Dyson!


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