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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whopper Me, Please!

Theme Thursday - Lunch

This is what does it for me.  Add a large order of fries. Oh, yeah, Babe. I think I'm in heaven.


  1. Well, now you've gone and done it. I'm suddenly hungry - and it's all your fault! :)

  2. As they say "Have it your way". Happy lunching : )

  3. Burger King is my fave. Aren't their fries the best? I think I'm gonna have to have a Whopper and fries this weekend!

  4. whopper all the way!
    although hardee's has come a long way with their burgers of late...
    we used to go to BK after church most sundays growing up...

  5. Not for me. I'm not a fan of fast food at all (that doesn't mean I don't partake of the odd Macca meal in desperation) Enjoy!

  6. I fight against it, winning most of the time. Otherwise, I'd look like a whopper.


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