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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Tax Man Cometh

Stage three of the tax process has finally arrived; I will no longer avoid it. Stage one, which happened a week ago, involved getting the necessary files and forms on my desk top.

Several days later I entered stage two and took all the little bothersome papers in those files and organized them into catagory piles finished off with a paper clip. Now comes the hard part, the dreaded stage three: filling out the bloody forms. That will be accomplished today. 

Every year I battle with myself at tax time just to get this ugly mission accomplished.  Going to an accountant and Turbo Tax are things of the past. I dislike that even more than the old-fashioned tax method which I  currently employ. It's just a foul time of year. I will put it behind me today and move on, most likely chiding myself afterward for making such a big deal of the process.

Ah...the calculator beckons.


  1. We have ours done...too complex for me to even think about doing them. Calculators are a great invention.

  2. Ah no, you've reminded me that I only have until the end of the month to do my 2009 return! I can't be bothered doing it myself so yep, the inquisition by an accountant must take place!

  3. ugh. good luck with that...cant stand doing taxes...its just sad...


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