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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holly Golightly

Theme Thursday - Breakfast

Well,here's my most loved breakfast. After all these years, Breakfast at Tiffany's is still one of my favorite movies. Let me list the reasons:

  • Hepburn's fabulous wardrobe

  • Moon River...that scene where Audrey strummed and sang it on the fire escape is etched in my brain forever

  • the cat

  • well, George Peppard wasn't too bad

  • scenes of Manhattan

  • how I cry every time I watch it

  • and  how we, as humans, constantly try to figure out what life is all about


  1. For the second time this morning I am having to confess that I have never seen Breakfast at T's. For the second time this morning I feel ashamed.

  2. wonderful...simply wonderful...smiles. happy tt!

  3. Great minds do think alike : ) Her wardrobe is so classic and of course, the cat. And it does make me cry, too.

  4. Hey, we were on the same breakfast wave length! It's one of my very faves, too. I like to watch it to chase away the mean reds.

  5. I thought these posts would make me hungry, and they have, but mostly I want to go and see that movie again.

  6. I so need to see this. Still ahven;t!!

  7. Would you believe I've never seen it? With all the talk about it today, i think I should! :)

  8. I love this movie. And I especially like movies where NYC plays a starring role.

    My post for Theme Thursday is up here.

  9. Finally catching up . .late as usual. It's been years since I saw Breakfast . . the sad thing is that our local DVD store tends to have few 'classics' for hire, I'll have to try to get a copy online. Haha . . the cat and never a hair on that gorgeous LBD


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