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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Parking It

Our day together in Vacaville, a half-way meeting place for us, traditionally begins with a stop at the Jelly Belly Store for some gummie treats. Then off to the park we go, after going to the Subway store for some sandwiches.

John and Chris have lots of fun on the teeter-totter.

Alex enjoys all the climbing structures.

Everybody loves the swings, as always.

John loads up on water for the trip home. What a fun time we had!


  1. Oh yay! You got a pic of all the boys together. And Jane too! What a cute pic. Glad you had phone with Jane and her fellows. Send them my love for me, eh?

  2. I just noticed that I said "phone" instead of "fun." This doesn't bode well for my upcoming teaching gig. Eek.

  3. Nevermind...I knew what you meant. Go, great teacher, go! I'd love to be one of your students.


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