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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yes, Hillary!

Spring is here, and I am able to think about planting seeds and starting anew. I love this time of year because of the positives that come with the season: new beginnings and energetic growth. However,  this spring of 2015 is not just about plants for me... but people, too. A groundbreaking  event is officially sprouting tomorrow: Hillary Clinton's announcement. Can I assume she will again be planting the seed that I have been hoping will finally take root and flourish?  President Hillary Clinton. Yes.

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  1. Yes, I too am all for a woman President one day. There have been some incredible strong, courageous, women leaders/prime ministers of democratic countries in the past from Maggie to Merkel, India to Israel. Most conservatives, ironically enough. Whilst hillary no doubt has probably more xp than any other candidate ever, I woud so love to see someone who was more self made (like Thatcher) than sticking by the likes of someone like Bill. That is not self respect but something else to me. If she wins, which I strongly believe she will (both the primary and election), Like with Obama, I will wish her all the best and glad that another ceiling was indeed broken.


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