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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Awaiting Spring

Theme Thursday - Greenery

Every year it is the same for me: I look forward to spring with all its newness, a time when my garden begins again putting to rest the winter's gloom, ready to surprise me with brilliant green buds that will soon blossom into jolly splashes of vibrant color. These new, baby hydrangea leaves caught my eye a few days ago, and I look forward to the months  ahead when this same shrub will be filled with pink snowball-like blooms; but, for now, I am enjoying the first signs of renewal and the promise of what is to be.

Thanks, Mother Nature.

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  1. Wow...such a vibrant green! We don't have any buds here yet...hopefully soon.
    Sorry I haven't been around much. I went back to work about a month ago after nine months off for health reasons. Hanging in there, but just spent two days in the hospital and had to take a week off already. Going back to work on Monday, and will visit when I can.

  2. Spring is my favorite season too! Hydrangea bushes are lovely, and they smell so amazing! Loved these new leaves reminding us it's time!

  3. I too love hydrangeas and my bush is full of sprouts too. I never know what color they will be each year because it depends on what it is fed. Each year either the gardeners or hubby feeds it something and so it is always a different color. I like that about them, you can always be surprised by them. Sometimes a pink color and sometimes a purple color. Always in different shades. I would someday like to find a white one. But then I have all those white calla lilies that grow like weeds so I cannot complain.

    Thank you so much for sharing your hydrangeas with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you are having a great weekend checking out even more greenery.

    God bless.

  4. oh how nice! my hydrangeas are just brown twigs right now. I do agree that the first sight of fresh green does stir an overwhelming feeling for spring!

  5. hydrangeas are awesome and the newness of green buds is surely a harbinger of spring

  6. Nice shot! Yippee, Spring is coming.

  7. Nice to se the promise and hint of what is to come. Oh I am conten5 to just see the green wherever I can as we have been blanketed with snow forever here it seems. Sigh Promises promises will arrive eventually. I guess this cold weather can't last forever. Was nice to see the start of your Hydrangea


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