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Friday, November 18, 2011

May the Force Be With You

Since spring is my favorite season, I like to bring a little of that season's glory into my home during the much darker days of late fall and winter.

Step 1

With that in mind,  I visit my favorite nursery and plunk out some cash for a handful of paper whites. Once home, I gingerly arrange them in a very tall vase (with about 2 inches of water and pebbles in the bottom) which I then place in a sunny spot to initiate the forcing process. The roots begin to appear almost immediately. 

Step 2

 And voila! In a couple of weeks, I see spring holding court in my living room. The aroma is delightful, filling the room with a delicately soft sweetness.

Step 3

So, bring on the wind, frost, and rain. I am busy making my own private spring. See, you really can fool Mother Nature!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I like the way you have the flowers arranged in the rocks. And your table looks so lovely with the statues and florals.

  2. So lovely. You obviously have a green thumb.

  3. It's that easy? I wonder if it would work for Iris, I love them but can't grow them here, it's too dry.

  4. I can NEVER fool mother nature. Once a plant finds out I own it, it promptly dies. Glad someone has a green thumb. Fun, Jan!


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