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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Confession of a Prospective Hoarder

My name is Janice, and I am a collectaholic. As if I didn't have enough collections already happening in my life, I have begun yet another: Schilling spice tins. I recently passed the word as my birthday approached, and I was lucky enough to get an impressive start on this lastest passion. How they perk up my tired kitchen!


  1. I love the bright red tins. What a fun collection!
    Also, love the photo of (is that Cleo?) in her costume, on your side bar : )

  2. Never heard of them but the look kind of nifty. Mind you I have spices in my pantry that I don't think I've used for years. Must get to that. Happy birthday if I haven't missed it

  3. I have a lot of "collections" too: owls, tin toys, little chairs, serving dishes, boxes of food coloring... Oh, wait, they're not really a collection. They're the result of buying a new box every year because I can never remember if I have any.

  4. If your obsession gets out of hand, just let me know! My ex collected (hoarded) George Foreman sandwich grills. I hated them so much I'd bury a few in the bottom of a bag of kitchen trash and then stick that in the bottom of the garbage can figuring he wouldn't look there. Eventually they were all gone. Him as well...


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