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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Those Dog Days

Tired Sunflower
The so-called dog days of summer are upon us. Sultry weather is usually a symptom of these August days, but that is certainly not the case this year.

Ripening Pears
Comfortable and mild temperatures prevail, though the signs of a fading summer are clearly evident.

The Last of the Summer Greens
 I love the seasonal changes.  I am not eager to say farewell to summer though I know full well that soon there will be pumpkins lazing on the front porch in all their orange glory. When that happens, I'll be ready.

Just not yet.


  1. oh i am so ready for fav part of the year...fade summer fade...smiles.

  2. ARGH! We haven't even HAD summer here in the Pacific Northwest this year. It's been cool to the point of jacket-wearing. It's actually worse than last summer - when we didn't have summer, either. :)

    Maybe fall will be our summer this year. I can only hope. (Autumn is my favorite time of the year, too, Brian!)

    Love that sunflower photo. That's the way I feel a lot of days. But I'll try to perk up. Come on old girl! You can do it! :)

  3. Great photos! We have definetly had the dog days of summer here. I'm ready for favorite season, too : )

  4. I guess that's one of the lovely things about living in the antipodes, nothing is seasonal in terms of fruit and vegetables with the exception of Mangoes. Warming up here thankfully, it's been a long dark winter. Now I have no excuse not to walk the dog at 6:15 am (so what am I doing here? Ah tomorrow.)

  5. I love the sunflower shot too. It has such wonderful character.

    I'm a big fan of autumn. It's so spectacular here in New England. Unfortunately, it is followed too soon by winter. After last year...

  6. well KNOW i LOVED LOVED LOVED this...great post !!!

    happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen, my friend

    kary and teddy

  7. this is such a neat time of year with summer quite warm but we all seem to be feeling autumn coming on. really like the sunflower image.
    nice to meecha.


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