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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Poor Unhealthy Doug
 Thanking my income tax refund, I finally took the big step and said goodby to my long ailing Douglas Fir.  I've been watching Doug slowly wither and, after this winter's stormy down-pours which caused many neighborhood trees to crash to the ground, I knew it was time to act.


The tree people arrived at 8 a.m. and didn't finish until almost  3. I was amazed at their efficiency and coordination. Not only did they have to take down this monster of a tree, they had to direct traffic, split the wood into log size pieces, haul it away, and clean up the gigantic mess left all over the street and my property.

The last truck rolled away at around 2. I was exhausted just watching the operation which involved, in varying shifts performing different tasks, eight men. They all worked hard, but the poor guy who had to shimmy up my ailing Doug, power saw madly swinging from his leather belt, had the worst job. I hope he got paid extra.

So that's over. I did my best to make the unattractive remains of my once towering, majestic fir blend into the yard by placing a few pottery frogs atop the lonely stump. Soon the ivy will cleverly hide this sawdust covered, stomped on portion of my front yard and Doug will be just a memory.

Oh. The house painters arrive at seven tomorrow morning.


  1. Here in Lake Oswego Oregon you would have had to jump through red taped hoops to remove your sick tree. Your property will be happier for the tree being removed. Great pics!

  2. Same here, I have what's considered valuable "Cumberland Plains Woodland" on my block so we're surruptitiously, dispatching saplings . . .

  3. Wise decision to remove that tree! You saw my photos of a downed Doug fir - that I didn't own until it landed on my property. Ah, insurance rules...

  4. That sounds like quite a job! I like that you were on a first name basis with your tree : )
    Hope the painting goes smoothly.

  5. it must have been quite a task to bring it down.

    awaiting an update after the painting :)

  6. happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen and Happy to be out of my blog slump....

    your trees remind me of when i lived in cambria...pines by the sea...we lived in a pine forest...pretty...but scary in a windstorm......

    happy to stop by for a visit today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  7. I know Doug will consider your "tree frogs" a worthy memorial.


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