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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adios Christmas, Hello Gym!

The lights are down and the ornaments safely stored in the back room commonly known as the junk room, the place where seasonal and occasionally used possessions reside in disarray waiting to once again be noticed. I spent most of the morning returning the holiday house into its old, unfestive self. As much as I love all the cheery trappings of this time of year, I welcome the return to normalcy, as boring as it can often be.

Leaving the Christmas and New Year jolliness behind, I now must also deal with the aftermath of all the goodies I so gleefully stuffed into my eager mouth as I celebrated to beat the band. Peanut brittle, fudge, eggnog, a cookie potpourri of all shapes and sizes, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream atop. Yes, they all passed through my enthusiastic lips. We're talking 5 pounds, the same 5 pounds I put on every December and take off every January. Here we go again, but it is OK because I knew what I was doing and it was worth it.  Besides, hard work though it is, I know how to make it all disappear.

So. The merry red and green of the once illuminated candles are banished to the dark obscurity of the junk room, and December's delectable and caloric goodies are kicked out of the cupboards, nowhere to be found. 

And that's the way it is: January, 2011.


  1. yeah we packed it all away this week as well...and i need some gym time too...

  2. Yep 12th night tonight and bad luck to leave them up after the 6th although the lights stay. I like fairy lights on the back verandah. 5lbs? Shit that's nothing I could lose that in a week. Try shifting 3 times that much GAH. kk off for a walk and sets with the dumbells.

  3. With a bit of melancholy, I took my tree down. The world seems to stop or slow way down on Jan. 2. The holidays behind us and the rest of winter ahead. What else to do but move!! Yay! See you soon! Deb

  4. Your Christmas decorations look very organized for storing. I know what you mean about the holiday goodies. It's so hard to turn down all the sweets...especially choclates. I admire anyone that goes to the gym. I am not that motivated : )

  5. oohhh...i hated to see it all go...tonight is the first nights that i haven't turned on my outside lights...just had a hard time letting it go this year...but i guess we must look ahead to a happy new year....

    i guess i'll get busy in the kitchen


    kary and teddy

  6. I admire your decisive action taking down the Christmas ornaments! I only decorated the mantle this year - and I've got my twinkle lights dancing around a snowman collection this dark winter afternoon.

    Thanks for your comments! Good to be back.

    I LOVED "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" too - and have actually begin "Anna Karenina" as a result. Stephanie


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