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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Pumpkins lit and eager
In all their orange splendor
Await the happy throngs
Of little ghosts and goblins.

Brown bags in hand
Youngsters scour the neighborhood
And follow the porch lights
Hoping for goodies galore.

As the sun rises on the next day
Exhausted and dragging students
Sluggishly enter their classrooms
Coming down from last night's sugar high.

Viewing the lethargic student arrivals
Their teacher sighs softly
And rolls her eyes in resignation
Knowing the day will be lost for learning.



  1. I love your poem and the picture of your pumpkin. He does look "lit and eager in all his orange spelndor" That is a great line!
    Happy Halloween : )

  2. Sugar high! EEK! I get sick just thinking about it. (Good thing I'm not a teacher!)

  3. Oh Jan! Beautiful poem! It brings back fond and exhausting memories of years past! I think I can recall a few times seeing you the day after Halloween! Cute little Cleo in her hotdog costume!

  4. hehe. from what i hear the firday before was pretty much blown as well...smiles. nice verse.

  5. Oh that is so true--never thought of it from that angle before. oh dear. notwithstanding sick stomachs too for some.

  6. We don't celebrate it here despite the best efforts of some to trick and treat. I am tempted to have a Halloween Party next year though, we'll see.

  7. It never occurred to me to wonder what teachers must face on the day after. They have my sympathies.


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